Senior Officers of NCA


Shri Narendra Kumar

Executive Member


Shri M.A.K.P. Singh

Member (Power)


Dr. Afroz Ahmad

Member (E & R)


Shri Nripendra Kumar

Member (Civil)


Shri Manoj Tiwari

Secretary, NCA



Chief Engineer


Dr. Pawan Kumar

Director (Environment)


Shri Naresh Lall

Director (Civil)


Bargi Project

Rani Avanti Bai Sagar Dam (Bargi) was completed in June, 1988. it envisage, a composite 69.8 mtr. high concrete dam and earthen flanks on main Narmada river near Bargi Village of Jabalpur district. The culturable command area (CCA) of this projects is 2.198 lakh ha. in Jabalpur and Narsinghpur district. The project is provindig 1.57 lakh ha. irrigation in Jabalpur and Narsinghpur distt. This project generates 90 MW (2x45 MW) hydro power from River Bed Power House and 10 MW (2x5 MW) from Canal Bed Power House. The total cost of this project is Rs. 1514.89 crores.

Tawa Project

Tawa irrigation project was completed in 1992-93. A composite masonry dam with earthen flanks constructed across the river Tawa (a major tributary on left bank of Narmada) near Ranipur Village in Hoshangabad distt. The culturable Command Area (CCA) of this project is 2.468 lakh hectare in Hoshangabad & Harda district respectively. This project generate 13 MW (2x6.75 MW) hydro - power from Canal Bed Power House, which was constructed in year 1995. The cost of the project was 113 Crores.

Indira Sagar Project

The Dam is constructed across the river Narmada near village Punasha of Khandwa district. The construction on ISP 1000 MW (1,25x8 MW) was started in 1988 by NVDA (Govt. of M.P.) and an amount of Rs. 1300 crore was spent till August, 2000. For the expeditious completion of the project, Govt. of MP and NHPC set-up joint Corporation namely NHDC which started functioning from August, 2000. The NHDC has completed works of ISP Dam & Power House in the year 2004-05. Canal bed power house of 15 MW is also completed. The work of canal is being implemented by NVDA. After completion of Canal Network, project will irrigate 123000 hectare of land in Khargone, Barwani & Khandwa district. The estimated cost of the project is 3182.77 crores.

Omkareshwar Project

The Omkareshwar Project is situated near Omkareshwar jyotirling in the downstream of Indira Sagar Project. For the expeditious completion of the project, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh and NHPC set-up a joint Corporation namely NHDC which started functioning from August, 2000. The work on Omkareshwar dam & River bed power house 520 MW (8x65 MW) has completed by the November 2007. It is also envisage to construct 3.5 MW power house on canal head. After completion of canal network, the project will irrigate 1.47 lakhs hactare of land in Khargone, Dhar & Khandwa Distt. The estimated cost of the project is 2921.54 crores.

Maheshwar Project

The Maheshwar Hydel Project 400 MW located about 40 km downstream of Omkareshwar multi-purpose project on main Narmada river near Mandleshwar town in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh, Maheshwar is last dam on river Narmada within the boundary of Madhya Pradesh. 8.12 MAF of water will be released to Gujarat. The work is being carried out by Sri Maheshwar Hydel Power Corporation Limited. Most of the work of project is completed.

Sardar Sarovar Project

Sardar Sarovar Dam is situated in Kevadia of Narmada district of Gujarat. Main dam has been constructed up to crest level 121.92 m. The work of erecting gates is going on. This project generates 1200 MW (6x200 MW), Hydro Power from River Bed Power House and 250 MW (5x50 MW) from Canal Head Power House. Total power being generated from Sardar Sarovar Project (1450 MW), has been distributed to three states, i.e 57% to Madhya Pradesh, 27% to Maharashtra & 16% to Gujarat, as per Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal award. The estimated approved cost of the project on price level 2008-09 is 39240.45 Crores.

About us

The Narmada Control Authority (NCA) has been setup under the final orders and decision of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT) as a machinery for implementation of its directions and decision. The authority started functioning from 20th December, 1980.

The authority is a body corporate with representatives of the four States of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and representatives of Govt. Of India. The authority is funded in equal proportions by all the four states. Secretary (Water Resources), Govt. of India is the ex-officio Chairman of the Authority, whereas the routine administration is the responsibility of Executive Member of the Authority. NCA presently has six subgroups. The Narmada Control Authority has its headquarters at Indore.


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