Norms set by the Narmada Control Authority for discharge of its functions

1. The main function of the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) is to ensure the implementation of the decisions of Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT). Thus, NCA is an agency to monitor the construction of the Projects dealt with by the NWDT, particularly the Sardar Sarovar Project in Gujarat. In discharge of its duties, the Authority takes decisions in its regular meetings held from time to time. The Secretariat of the Authority has to convene the meetings of NCA and its Sub-groups as and when required for review of the progress of the Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) and other related activities and to take appropriate decisions. The Secretariat of NCA is required to ensure the compliance of the decisions of the Authority and its Sub-groups by the party State Governments which are actually the executing agencies of the projects. In this process, it monitors the action taken by each party State with regard to decisions taken and reports the status to the Authority / Sub-groups etc. for review and further directions. Thus, there cannot be a firm time schedule / action plan for the activities of NCA which totally depends on the progress of execution / implementation of its decisions by the party State Governments. The difficulties encountered by these Governments in the process of implementation determine the course of actions required for achieving the targets / results.

2. The monitoring of the construction of Indira Sagar Project and Sardar Sarovar Project (Unit-II: Canals) are being done by the NCA's Secretariat. A half-yearly status reports on these projects for the period ending September and March of each year is prepared and circulated to all the members of the Authority and the concerned Sub-group.

3. The Annual Water Account of the Narmada basin is to be prepared for each Water Year i.e. from July-June of each year. The draft Annual Account is to be prepared by NCA Secretariat after collection of the data from the party States and circulated to the Party States giving a month's time for making observations. After incorporating the modifications / corrections suggested by the party States the Water Account is finalized and furnished to each party State. This Annual Water Account is to be published each year.

4. The Annual Report of the Authority for each financial year is required to be prepared and placed in the Parliament.

5. The Annual Accounts of the Authority for each financial year are to prepare before 30th June of each year and audited in July/August as per convenience of Accountant General, Madhya Pradesh. The audited accounts form a part of the Annual Report of the Authority.

6. The Revised Estimates / Budget Estimates of NCA are prepared in the month of September and are placed before the Authority for approval in the subsequent meeting for approval.

7. The administrative / financial matters are decided from time to time following the norms prescribed in respective fundamental / financial and other rules of the Government of India.