The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working hours of the library if maintained for public use.

The Narmada Control Authority (NCA) headquarters is located at indore (Madhaya pradesh) . It has Regional offices at Bhopal and vadodara headed by Director level officers Liaison Officers of NCA is in-charge of the liaison office located at Delhi . In addition ,there are two Hydromet Sub-divisions to look after the implementation of the Real Time data Acquisition System Project of NCA at Hoshangabad and Mandla (M.P.). In accordance with the rovisions contained in the Clause -5 of the Right to Informaction Act (RIA)-2005, one the officers in each of these offices are designated as Assistant Public information Officer (APIO). In the headquarter office at Indore , 1 officer of Director is designated as Public Information Officer (PIO) who shall be assisted by an Asstt. PIO. Accordingly, the following officers are designated as PIO and APIO in NCA.

Appellate Authority

Dr. T.R. Nayak, Member (Civil), NCA, Indore

Public Information Officer

Shri Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (Civil), NCA, Indore.

Assistant public informaction officers

1. Shri Rakesh Parmar, Assistant Director (Hydrology). NCA, Indore
2. Deputy Directer (Civil), Regional Office, NCA Bhopal
3. Deputy Director (Civil), NCA, Vadodara
4. Junior Engineer (Civil), NCA, Mandla, (MP).

The material compiled according to Clause-(1)(b) of RIA-2005 is available with all the PIO/APIO at place where NCA offcers are located. The PIO/APIO are authorized to make the said information available to the public on written request. In case. the public desires to have any information other then this ,the written request submitted to the APIO shall be forwarded to the PIO ate the headquarters normally within 2 working days from the date of receipt of the request. On receipt of the request, PIO will collect the requisite information from the concerned sections of NCA in case it is not available with him. Upon compiling the information, PIO will bring to the notice of the Head of Department about the details of the information other then the statement of facts proposed to be passed on with the details of the applicant and thereafter the information will be given to the public . All this process may take about 1 month’s time the public may also make their requisition for information to PIO directly in person or by post. At present, NCA dose not have any library for sitting of public for reference of information etc. in case the copies of the information are requisitioned by any citizen the same will be supplied on depositing the requisite fees. The calculations for working out the fees can be supplied to the applicant, if required.

Procedure for filing the application

Ř      The applications for any information shall be addressed to any of the PIO/ APIOs ; The details of PIO/APIOs can be seen at item No.16.

Ř      The citizens are required to enclose a demand draft for Rs.10/-( Rs.Ten Only) . While making an application for information. The demand draft shall be drawn in favour of Narmada Control Authority, payable at Indore. The Applications can also be sent by post. The time limit for furnishing the information is such cases shall be reckoned from the date of receipt of the application by PIO/APIO. The application can be made on plain paper. The applicants need not give any reason for making such request.

Fee for providing information

For providing the information under sub-section (1) of section 7, the fee shall be charged by way of cash against proper receipt or by demand draft or bankers cheque or IPO payable to Narmada Control Authority, Indore at the following rates.
1.  Rupees Two for each page (in A-4 or A-3 Size paper) Created or copied
2.  Actual charge or cost of price of a copy in larger size paper;
3.  Actual cost of price of samples or models; and
4.  For inspection of records, no fee for the first hour, and a fee of Rupees five for each fifteen minutes or faction there of there after.
5.  For information provided on diskette of floppy, rupees fifty per diskette or floppy and
6.  For information provided in printed form at the price fixed for such publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication

Names, Designation and other particulars of the Appellate Authority, Public Information Officer, Assistant Public Information Officers & Nodal Officer of NCA

SI.No. Name Designation Office Address Tel No. Residance No. Email
Appellate Authority Dr. T.R. Nayak Member (Civil) Narmada Sadan,Sector-B Scheme No.74 , Vijay Nagar, INDORE 452010 0731-2553344   memc.nca@nic.in
PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER Shri Manish Rathore Deputy Director (Civil) Narmada Sadan,Sector-B Scheme No.74 , Vijay Nagar, INDORE 452010 0731-2575751 manishrathore-cwc@nic.in
ASSISTANT PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS Shri Rakesh Parmar Assistant . Director (Hydrology) Narmada Sadan,Sector-B Scheme No.74 , Vijay Nagar, INDORE 452010 0731-2552172   adhy.nca@gov.in
    Deputy Director (Civil) H-1/2 Arvind Vihar, Behind Mahishmati West, AIIMS Road, Baag Mugaliya, Bhopal- 462043 0755-2986065  
    Deputy Director (Civil) Room No.435-36, 4TH Floor, B-Block, Narmada Naher Bhawan, Chhani Jakat Naka,VADODARA. 0265-2771595   ncarov2007@yahoo.co.in ncavadodara@gmail.com
  Junior Engineer (Civil) Near Rani Ramgad School, Opp: Govt. Library, MANDLA 07642-252733  

Nodal Officer Under RTI Act in NCA

Name of Organization Name of Nodal Officer Contact Address Phone No. Email
Narmada Control Authority Shri Manish Rathore Narmada Sadan sector B, Scheme No.74 , Vijay Nagar, INDORE 452010 0731-2575751 manishrathore-cwc@nic.in