(i) Routine & Non routine items of business were approved in the 25th meeting ofNCA held on 29.6.1987 and are given at Annexure-I.

(ii) Powers to be exercised by the officers of the Authority approved in the 25th meeting of NCA held on 29.6.1987 and was modified in the 53rd meeting ofNCA held on 22.11.1995 are given at Annexure-II & III.

(iii) Operating of Bank Account:- It was decided in the 25th meeting of NCA that the Bank Accounts and Fixed Deposits of the NCA with scheduled banks may be operated by Executive Member or by any other officer or officers as may be authorized by the Executive Member.

(iv) Powers for signing Agreements/Affidavits
In its 38th meeting held on 16.2.1991, the NCA resolved that all agreements in respect of
consultancy services or lease agreements of buildings etc. be singed by the Secretary of the Authority. In all the Litigation, Independent Members or the Secretary is authorized to represent the Narmada Control Authority in any court. The states should be kept informed
as far as possible before filing the Affidavits in Courts. Further, considering the increase of No. of Court cases, the Authority in its 40th meeting held on 20.8.1991 agreed the proposals to authorize officers of the rank of Deputy Director and above of NCA Secretariat to sign the Affidavits whenever required.


Non-routine Items

1. Annual Budget;
2. Recruitment Rules for various categories of posts;
3.Creation of permanent posts;
4.Permanent absorption of deputationists   in the NCA;
5.Grant of extension / re employment beyond the age of superannuation;
6.Grant of various allowances such1as House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Allowance,  Daily Allowance,  Medical Reimbursement etc. to the employees of the NCA;
7.Location of Headquarters/Regional Offices;
8.Delegation of Powers;
9.  Programme of work of the Narmada Control Authority; 10. Deputation or training   abroad of NCA staff and officers when expenses were to be met by NCA.

Routine tems

1.   Creation of temporary posts for periods not exceeding one year, subject to budget provision being available.
2.   All establishment matters including matters pertaining to appointments against sanctioned posts, determination of inter=se-seniority, quasi-permanency, confirmation,removal from service and dismissal, implementation of reservation orders;
3.   Deputation of NCA's employees to ex-cadre posts in outside organisations;
4.   Preparation of various Reports including Annual Report of the NCA;
5.   Parliament Questions;
6.   Implementation of Conduct and Disciplinary Rules as may be approved by the NCA;
7.   Implementation of the decisions of the Authority regarding grant of various allowances such as HRA/TA/DA/Conveyance Allowance/Medical Attendance Rules etc;
8.   Maintenance of Confidential Reports, Annual Property Returns;
9.   All house-keeping jobs including purchase of office equipments, hiring of buildings for office and residential purpose but excluding purchase of staff cars ;
10. All matters concerning pay and allowances, leave salary and pension contributions, TA bills, Medical Attendance Bills, LTC bills, etc, of the employees of the NCA;
11. Pension fund/CP fund and matters pertaining to investments of the funds of NCA;
12. Audit of Accounts;        
13.  Matters pertaining to investment of 'funds of the NCA excluding pension fund/Contributory Provident Fund.
14.  Any other miscellaneous matter pertaining to administration, accounts or house keeping jobs.