Statement of categories of documents held by NCA

1. Permanent record:

(i) NWDT Award.
(ii) Minutes and Agenda notes of various meetings of ;
(a) Narmada Control Authority .
(b) Review Committee for Narmada Control Authority.
(c) Its Sub-groups & Sub-committees.

(iii) Annual Water Account of the Narmada basin.
(iv) Annual Report of the Authority.
(v) Orders of the various Courts on SSP and ISP.
(vi) Project Reports of SSP and ISP.

2. Other records:
(i) Status Reports in respect of Sardar Sarovar Project (Unit-II : Canals) Indira Sagar Projects, Resettlement & Rehabilitation of SSP and Implementation of environment measures.
(ii) Status Reports of SSP received from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. and Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee.
(iii) Reports on miscellaneous technical subjects received from various other organizations received from time to time.
(iv) Project Statistics of existing, on going major and medium projects in Narmada basin.
(v) Schedule of power generation at SSP.
(vi) Energy accounting details of SSP complex.
(vii) Generation data of Indira Sagar Complex.
(viii) Annual Accounts of the Authority.
(ix) Subject-wise files on all technical matters.
(x) Various Ledgers maintained in Accounts Section in respect of staff payments, Provident Funds, Pension etc.
(xi) FDR pertaining to NCA fund, Provident/Pension fund of NCA employees.
(xii) Service records of employees.
(xiii) Periodical returns sent to M/o Water Resources, Govt. of India.
(xiv) Annual Confidential Repots of the employees.
(xv) Various Selection Committees / Departmental Promotion Committee's proceedings in respect of appointments / promotions.
(xvi) Other Contract agreements of petty contracts awarded by NCA.