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Salient Features of NWDT Award

The NWDT Award covers allocation of water to the party States, FRL of Sardar Sarovar and Narmada Sagar Dams, Full Supply Level of Narmada Main Canal, sharing of cost and benefits, regulated releases to be made by MP, apportionment of cost of Sardar Sarovar dam between irrigation and power, setting up of machinery to implement the Award, period of operation of certain clauses of the Award. The details of the above are:

  1. Utilizable quantum of waters of Narmada at Sardar Sarovar Dam on the basis of 75% dependability was assessed on 34537.44 Mcum (28 Maf).
  2. The shares of the 4 party States in the above quantity allocated as under:

    - Madhya Pradesh 22511 Mcum (18.25 Maf)
    - Gujarat 11101.32 Mcum (9 Maf)
    - Rajasthan 616.74 Mcum (0.5 Maf)
    - Maharashtra 308.37 Mcum (0.25 Maf)

  3. Full Reservoir levels of Sardar Sarovar Dam fixed as 138.68 m (455 ft) and Narmada Sagar (now renamed as Indira Sagar) 262.23 m (860 ft).
  4. Full Supply Level of Narmada Main Canal off taking from Sardar Sarovar Dam fixed as 91.44 m (300 ft).
  5. Net power produced at Canal Head and River Bed Power Houses to be shared as MP 57%, Maharashtra 27% and Gujarat 16%.
  6. MP to make uniform monthly release of 834.65 Mcum (0.677 Maf) from Narmada Sagar ex-Maheshwar to meet the requirements at Sardar Sarovar. The annual release works out to 10015.86 Mcum (8.12 Maf).
  7. Gujarat to share 17.63% of the cost of Narmada Sagar Dam for this release.
  8. Narmada Sagar Dam to be taken up and completed by MP concurrently with or earlier than the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam.
  9. Detailed directions given for submergence land acquisition and rehabilitation of displaced persons.
  10. Cost of Unit-I - Dam & Appurtenant works to be apportioned between Irrigation and Power as 43.9% : 56.1% respectively.
  11. The irrigation component to be shared by Gujarat and Rajasthan in the ratio 18:1.
  12. The concerned party State was required to submit to the Authority project report of Sardar Sarovar, Narmada Sagar, Omkareshwar and Maheshwar to enable the Authority to examine if any feature of the project are in conflict with the implementation of the orders of the NWDT. The concerned party State is also required to bring before the Authority any subsequent change in the project relating to salient features or cost.
  13. Setting up of the following machinery for implementation of the Award was directed:

    - Narmada Control Authority (NCA)
    - Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee(SSCAC)
    - Review Committee of NCA (RCNCA)

    The SSCAC was to be dissolved after 3 years of construction of Unit I & III.

  14. Certain clauses of the Award viz. FRL & MWL of Sardar Sarovar, Sharing of Costs and Benefits, Regulated Releases to be made by MP, Payment to be made by Gujarat to MP for such regulated releases, Allocation of cost of SSP between irrigation and power and Allocation of irrigation component between Gujarat and Rajasthan and Machinery have a period of operation of 45 years from the date of gazetting of the Award i.e.. up to 2025 AD and are open to review thereafter.