Bio-data of Mrs. Ranjana Singh Chauhan, Stenographer, NCA

Sr. No. Post Held Organization/ Officer with whom attached City From To Type of Charge Nature of works handled Significant contribution, if any. Remarks
Steno Dy. Director (Telemetry) R.O., Telemetry Wing Indore 1st Feb., 1999 October,2002 Regular Dictation of various status notes, Agenda, Minutes, Tender documentation, letters, notes etc. and their transcription on computer in English. Besides duties of steno, I also handled additional charge of P.A./PS to CE during his/her absence period from time to time. Also taking dictation & typed the matters in Hindi. Preparing TTP, ATP.  Maintained all files of Telemetry wing. Attended election duties (1999, 2004 & 2009 Lok Sabha & 2003 Vidhan Sabha )   
Steno Director (Telemetry) R.O., Telemetry Wing Indore October, 2002 August 2011 Regular              ----do----
Also maintained files related to SSRRC, prepared its agenda & minutes as directed by CE, RO, NCA with proficiency and competency
Attended training program in the year 2006 on operation of Real Time Data Acquisition System organized by ECIL with their consortium partner of USA  
Steno Dy. Director (Telemetry) R.O., Telemetry Wing Indore August 2011 March 2014 Regular             ---do---
All other official routine works as assigned by Chief Engineer, R.O. with proficiency and competency. Other personal works of CE viz. Ph. D. related works in Excel, Central Govt. Employees Welfare Coordination Committee’s work etc.
Steno Chief Engineer, RO and MCC, Indore Indore March 2014 24th Aug. 2015 Regular             ---do---
Other than this I also placed in MCC under Dy. Director (HM) and also for providing assistance to DD(H) as and when required.
Steno & PS to Secretary – In-charge Secretary, NCA Indore 25th Aug 2015 18th July, 2016 Regular Besides handling the duties of PS to Secretary with proficiency, I also handled works related to Grievance viz. reporting, maintaining grievance register and also handled other confidential matters too.  Prepare TTP, ATP, T.A. Claims etc. I had also attended the work of PS to Member (Civil) from time to time during absence period of PS to Member (Civil)    
Steno & PS to CE – In-charge Chief Engineer, RO, Dy. Director (HM) Indore 19th July, 2016 Till date Regular Besides handling the duties of PS to C.E. with proficiency, I also attended all the works assigned by Dy. Director (HM) and Dy. Director (H) & perform duties of steno.    

Training Programme

Sr. No. Name Of Course Venue / Duration Organising Authority
1 Operationalization of RTDAS (SSMA) Module Indore NCA & ECIL, Hyderabad