Adminstration Circulars

Other Circulars


Sr. No. Title Date of Issue Download
1 Joining Director (Impact Assesment & Rehabilitation) 27th November,2019 English
2 3rd MACP Driver Grade-1 6th November,2019 English
3 Promotion - Private Secretary 5th November,2019 English
4 Preserve medicine rapers/bottles etc. till bill not passed 14th October, 2019 Hindi
5 Joining of Member (Civil), NCA,Indore 1st October, 2019 English
6 Internal Committee to deal Sexual Harassment cases on Women at workplace 3rd September, 2019 English
7 Selection Committee for Deputy Director (Admn), NCA 30th July, 2019 English
8 Extention of deputation period of Accouts Officer 30th July, 2019 English
9 MACP to PS 24th July, 2019 English
10 Internal transfer in NCA 24th July, 2019 Hindi
11 Annual Medical Examiniation of Group-A Officers of NCA 23th July, 2019 English
12 MACP to PA and Assistant, NCA 17th July, 2019 English
13 MACP to Driver, NCA 17th July, 2019 English
14 Charge of CPIO, NCA 17th July, 2019 English
15 Repatriation of Director (Civil), NCA 10th July, 2019 English
16 Joining of Deputy Director (Civil) on deputation 5th July, 2019 English
17 Internal transfer in NCA 18th June, 2019 Hindi
18 Celebration of International Yoga Day in NCA 18th June, 2019 English
19 Joining of Finance Officer,NCA 17th June, 2019 English
20 Additional Charge of Member (Civil), NCA 6th June, 2019 English
21 No-direct-representations 31st May, 2019 English
22 Repatriation of Fiance Officer, NCA 14th May, 2019 English
23 Superannuation of Draftsman, NCA 6th May, 2019 English
24 NFSG to Deputy Director (Liaison), NCA 2nd May, 2019 English
25 MACP to Assistant Public Relations Officer, NCA 2nd May, 2019 English
26 Member (E&R) of NCA 12th April, 2019 English
27 Superannuation A.Raju, MTS 2nd April, 2019 Hindi
28 2nd and 3rd MACP to UDC 20th March, 2019 English
29 MACP to Driver Grade-II 20th March, 2019 English
30 MACP to Driver Grade Ordinary 20th March, 2019 English
31 MACP to MTS 20th March, 2019 English
32 MACP to Cook Cum Caretaker 20th March, 2019 English
33 Appointment of Chief Information Security Officer 22nd February, 2019 English
34 Voluntary Retirement to Deputy Director (Civil), NCA 1st Janurary, 2019 English
35 Member (Power) appointed as a Appellate Authority for RTI 13th December, 2018 English
36 Superannuation of Dr. Afroz Ahmad,Member (E&R) 13th December, 2018 English
37 MACP to Electrician 3rd December, 2018 English
38 Superannuation of Dr. Afroz Ahmad,Member (E&R) 29th November, 2018 English
39 Promotion to the post of PPS 20th November, 2018 English
40 Promotion to the post of PA 20th November, 2018 English
41 MACP to UDC 5th November, 2018 English
42 MACP to Draftsman 31st October, 2018 English
43 Observance of the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel as "Rashtriya Ekta Diwas" 24th October, 2018 Hindi
44 MACP to UDC 23th October, 2018 English
45 Committee for Vigilance Week 12th October, 2018 English
46 Vigilance Week 2018 12th October, 2018 English
47 Superannuation of Smt Champa P. Annand 9th October, 2018 Hindi
48 Internal meeting for ORC 24th September, 2018 English
49 Committee on deal with atrocities on women is reconsituted 18th September, 2018 English
50 MACP to AE 14th September, 2018 English
51 Revision of recruitment rules of various post of NCA 14th August, 2018 English
52 Joint Secretary (Admn.) - Member for DPC of Group A & B posts of NCA 2nd August, 2018 English
53 MACP to LDC 1st August, 2018 English
54 MACP to Driver 1st August, 2018 English
55 MACP to Electrician 31st July, 2018 English
56 MACP to MTS 30th July, 2018 English
57 MACP to PA 30th July, 2018 English
58 Extension of one year deputation period of Finance Officer 4th May, 2018 English
59 Repatriation of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) 16th April, 2018 English
60 Non Functional Selection Grade 12th April, 2018 English
61 Non Functional Scale 12th April, 2018 English
62 Promotion as Liaison Officer 10th April, 2018 English
63 Transfer Posting 27th March, 2018 English
64 Part Time CVO 15th March, 2018 English
65 Medanta Hospital, Indore also registered Under CGHS 16th February, 2018 Hindi
66 Additional charge of DD(Admn) and Hydrology 23rd December, 2017 English
67 Shri Dumne posted with Executive Member 1st November, 2017 English
68 Creation of Legal cell 1st November, 2017 English
69 Part Time CVO 1st November, 2017 English
70 Premature repatriation of Member (Civil) 27th October, 2017 English
71 Hindi Officer report to Secretary directly 3rd October, 2017 Hindi
72 Promotion Chief Engineer 29th September, 2017 English
73 Recognition of Medanta & Bhandari Hospital under CGHS 14th September, 2017 Hindi
74 Admissible,Ayurvedic,Siddha,Unani and Homoeopathic medicines for Reimbursement 24th August, 2017 English
75 New PIO in NCA 4th August, 2017 Hindi
76 Circular related to Medical Reimbursemet 1st August, 2017 Hindi
77 Air Entitlements on Tour 19th July, 2017 English
78 Revival of Post of Liaison Officer 11th July, 2017 English
79 Transfer of A. Raju to Indore 11th July, 2017 Hindi
80 Promotions- UDC's 5th July, 2017 English
81 Promotions- PS 30th June, 2017 English
82 Promotions Assistants 30th June, 2017 English
83 Promotions-Driver Grade-1 30th June, 2017 English
84 Promotions-Driver Grade-2 30th June, 2017 English
85 Additional Charge of Member (Civil) 22th June, 2017 English
86 Transfer Posting 25th May, 2017 English
88 Liaison Officer of NCA 8th May , 2017 English
89 Additional Charge of Secretary, NCA to Member (Power) 5th April, 2017 English
90 Provide Entry for Service Book 18th April, 2017 Hindi
91 Additional Charge of PPS 29th March, 2017 Hindi
92 Responsibility of Link Officers 17th March, 2017 Hindi
93 Joining of Executive Member, NCA 21st February, 2017 English
94 Director Civil, NCA entrusted additional Charge of Chirf Engineer 21st February, 2017 English
95 Appointment of Part Time CVO 16th January, 2017 Hindi
96 Observance of Vigilance week 2016 10th October, 2016 Hindi
97 Vacancy for LDC Seniority-cum-fitness - Departmental Candidate 7th September, 2016 Hindi
98 Vacancy for LDC - Departmental Candidate 7th September, 2016 Hindi
99 Joining and departure report through controlling officer to Admn. section 24th August, 2016 Hindi
100 Recognigation of Appolo Rajshri Hospital for NCA 22nd August, 2016 Hindi
101 Formation of Grievance Redressal Committee for NCA
10th June, 2016 English
102 Citizen Charter 28th January, 2016 Hindi
103 Duty Timing of NCA Officers 19th January, 2016 Hindi
104 Administration, Finance and Deputy Director(TC) shall report to Member(Civil). NCA.
4th January, 2016 English

Other Circulars

Sr. No. Title Date of Issue Download
1 NHP training for NCA Officers and Employees 11th Febuary, 2020 Hindi
2 Clarification on option for change of increment date 12th December,2019 English
3 Correspondance related to Member (E&R) 4th December, 2019 English
4 Financial Power to NCA Officers 20th February, 2019 English
5 Eligibility for allotment of quarters 14th December, 2018 Hindi
6 Circular for limit of keeping Residential quarter death / retirement 17th October, 2018 Hindi
7 Obsereved Swachhta hi Seva 27th September, 2018 Hindi
8 Workshop related to Crime on Womans 24th September, 2018 Hindi
9 Circular for Hindi Fortnight Competitions 10th September, 2018 Hindi
10 Submission of abstract/paper for ICID conference 29th August, 2018 English
11 Absenty Statement 24th July, 2018 Hindi
12 IDA 1-BHK flats in Sch No. 136, Niranjanpur 20th June, 2018 Hindi
13 Annual Medical Examination for the Group A Officer 11th May, 2018 English
14 Swachhta Pakhwada 2018 16th March, 2018 Hindi
15 Time limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowances 15th March, 2018 Hindi
16 68th Report of the Public Accounts Committee 24th October, 2017 English
17 Minutes of Pension trust meeting 11th July, 2017 Hindi
18 Minutes GPF trust meeting 11th July, 2017 Hindi
19 Circular related to RTI 23rd May, 2017 English
20 Circular for providing activity for NGVP 11th April, 2017 Hindi
21 Circular for agenda and minutes for upload on NCA website 6th October, 2016 Hindi
22 Circular for providing articles for Anubhooti 14th September, 2016 Hindi
23 Circular Vigilance 13th September, 2016 Hindi
24 Circular of Engineer's Day 8th September, 2016 Hindi
25 Programme and Compitions of Hindi Fortnight 7th September, 2016 Hindi
26 Change of address NCA, RO, Bhopal 31st August, 2016 Hindi
27 Circular of Profarma for Assets & Liabilities 22nd July, 2016 Hindi
28 Change of address NCA, RO, Bhopal 24th June, 2016 Hindi
29 International Yoga Day observed in NCA 20th June, 2016 Hindi
30 Shishu Grah in NCA Headquarter 27th May, 2016 Hindi
31 Cleaning Campign in NCA 24th May, 2016 Hindi
32 Change of address NCA, Liaison office, New Delhi 2nd May, 2016 Hindi
33 Work of Chief Engineer to Director(Civil) / Member (Civil) 4th January, 2016 English