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Managing the Environment

Terms of references for  NCA were amplified to include  environmental safeguard measures and rehabilitation programmes and also to ensure  faithful compliance of  conditions stipulated by  Central Govt. at the time of clearances of  project, and, to ensure that environmental safeguard measures are planned and implemented in depth and it's pace of implementation pari-passu with the progress of work on the project".

The powers, functions and duties of the Authority were modified during 1987 as under

  • The role of the Authority will mainly comprise of overall co-ordination, direction and implementation of all the projects, including engineering works,  environmental safeguard measures and the rehabilitation programme and to ensure  faithful compliance of the terms and conditions stipulated by the Central Government at the time of clearance of aforesaid projects.

Environment Subgroup

This Sub-group includes officers of the State Govt. concerned with health, flora & fauna, soil conservation, forests, wildlife etc. The Sub-group also includes several non-official experts as its members. The Sub-group is authorized to co-opt for any needed expertise.

The Sub-group evaluates the programme and progress made by State Govts. towards mitigation of  identified negative impacts for identification of the gaps, if any, and suggests remedial course of action including among others further in-depth studies, survey, planning and implementation of the remedial actions. During the course of its work, the Sub-group forms further expert sub-committees to address specific issues and to recommend/suggest necessary steps of environmental management in Narmada projects.

Presently, there are sub-committees on flora & fauna aspects, this sub-committee consists of experts in the areas from premier institutions of the country including Botanical Survey of India, Geological Survey of India, State Forest Research Institute, Wildlife Institute of India, University of Pune, M.S.University of Vadodara, Friends of Nature Society of Bhopal etc. There are similar committees on archaeological & anthropological aspects, archaeological issues of ISP and committee on health aspects which include experts of the premier institutes from the respective areas of concern. In addition, NCA has constituted an expert group on fisheries development and conservation for Sardar Sarovar reservoir to address aquatic eco-system.