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Safeguarding the Environment

Here an effort has been made to provide insight into the intricacies of the works related to implementation of  suggested safeguards for ensuring that SSP adheres to the requirements of  environmental management under the overall guidance of the MOEF/NCA. After a little browsing, a reader would know as to what the SSP is, the manner it exerts influence on, its surrounding environment, the studies on various environmental parameters and their outcome, suggested strategies to mitigate negative impacts and the plans for the implementation of  needed safeguard measures.

The preliminary studies suggested that there was no uniqueness of natural resources like the flora & fauna, thus requiring not much worry for loss of gene pool / migratory corridors or rehabilitation of any endemic species. However these projects like other river valley projects exerts influence on environment in one way or the other and therefore these have been examined and key issues have been identified for focused attention.

Sardar Sarovar and Indira Sagar Projects were appraised from environmental angle by the Ministry of Environment & Forests and were accorded clearances in 1987. It was observed that no environmental concern is serious enough to threaten the viability of the project if proper safeguards are adopted. Ministry of Environment & Forests suggested safeguards in following key areas:

  1. Resettlement & Rehabilitation 
  2. Catchment Area Treatment 
  3. Compensatory Afforestation 
  4. Survey of Flora & Fauna 
  5. Carrying Capacity of the Surrounding Areas 
  6. Command Area Development 
  7. Seismicity
  8. Health Aspects.

Project authorities have geared up to plan and implement  suggested safeguards for the projects in stipulated time.