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Important Falls:

The second fall is Dugdhdhara. The milky Narmada water rolls down from a small height. Though small in size, the fall is beautiful as the water rushes through the fall creating foams as white as milk. Environment around the fall is very beautiful. It is about 10 Kms from the origin.

Dhardi Falls
Just after Indira Sagar Project (ISP) and before the river reaches Omkareshwar, the Narmada jumps from 10 m high to a gorge. This fall is called Dhardi fall. It is a beautiful spot. The forests here are dense. During spring the forests are a nature lover's paradise, as the flowers blossom exuberantly, and the tress become house for different varieties of birds, who chirp while enjoying the nectar from fresh and fragrant flowers. Though Dhardi fall is a beautiful place, it fails to draw the crowd it deserves, because of inaccessibility of the place.

pic10.jpg (14963 bytes)Here the river Narmada passes through a narrow valley of marble rocks. The mighty river is pent up into almost a third of its normal width and gushes through a small passage created by mighty and beautiful marble rocks. The fort-like marble walls that raise on either side to about 90 ft in height are rocky outcrops. Here the mother nature presents a marvelous kaleidoscope of the sun-bathed multi-faceted marble rocks clearly reflecting in the emerald-colour water flowing majestically in the marble valley. At a place in the narrow gorge, the steep marble rocks approach each other so closely from either side of the bank that a money can leap from one bank to another, it is aptly called 'Bandar Kudani" (Monkey leap).

pic9.jpg (13471 bytes)Though there are many beautiful and attractive water falls in the course of river flow, the Dhuandhara at Bheraghat near Jabalpur has its own lustre and incomparable beauty. There the turbulent river jumps forcefully into the marble gorge. The forceful fall produces bellowing vapours through which the river paints huge beautiful rainbows. The spectra it presents is not mere water fall but of raising columns of water vapour creating a dazzling kaleidoscope.

Kapiladhara   pic3.jpg (6990 bytes)
The first and deepest water fall is Kapiladhara where the river deity, Narmada, descends majestically to 15 m depth. Here the water fall presents a picture as though the river deity descends dancing to the tunes of sound produced by the water hitting the rocks at the bottom of the fall. It is a feast to the eyes of nature lovers. The fall is about 8 Kms from the place of origin at Amarkantak. It remains a fall even during monsoon.


pic4_n.jpg (16707 bytes)The third fall or Dhara is Sahastradhara near Mandla. Here the beautiful Narmada cascades into thousands of streams, while negotiating a deep fall. The Narmada is at her best here. There is one more Sahastradhara near Maheshwar where Narmada turns into thousands of stream after hitting rocks raising from the river bed. During monsoon, the fall is not visible, as the water flows to the brim.