In pursuance of the decision of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal under Clause-XIV of its final order, the Govt. of India framed the Narmada Water Scheme, which inter-alia constituted Narmada Control Authority (NCA) and Review Committee in 1980 for proper implementation of the decisions and directions of the Tribunal. The composition of the Authority which comprises 17 members is enclosed at Annexure-2. 

The NCA has been vested with powers to implement the orders of the Tribunal with respect to the storage, apportionment, regulation and control of the Narmada Waters, sharing of power benefits from Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP), regulated release of water by Madhya Pradesh, acquisition of land properties likely to be submerged under Sardar Sarovar Project by the concerned states, compensation and resettlement & rehabilitation of  oustees, sharing of costs and implementation of environmental safeguard measures.

The Authority is headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India as its Chairman.

Narmada Basin

Narmada is the fifth largest river in India and largest west flowing river of Indian peninsula originating from Maikala ranges at Amarkantak (in Madhya Pradesh) at an elevation of 900 m. It flows westwards over a length of 1,312 km before draining into the Gulf of Cambay, 50 km west of Bharuch city. The first 1.077 km of the river flows in Madhya Pradesh and the next 35 km stretch of the river forms the boundary between the States of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Again for the next 39 km, it forms the boundary between Maharashtra and Gujarat. The last stretch of 161 km lies in Gujarat. A map of Narmada Basin is at Annexure-1.  Narmada has an average annual run off of 33.21 MAF (41000 M.cum), while 75% dependable flow is 28 MAF (34537 MCM).

NWDT Award  

In 1969, on application of Govt. of Gujarat, Govt. of India under Clause-3 of Inter States Water Dispute Act, 1956 had set up a tribunal (NWDT), under the chairmanship of Justice V. Ramaswamy. The Tribunal gave its final award in December, 1979. As per the decisions of the tribunal, the apportionment of water of river Narmada and Power generated from Sardar Sarovar among party states are as under:

Party States Allocated share of water in Million Acre Feet (MAF) % share of Power
Madhya Pradesh 18.25 57
Gujarat 9.00 16
Maharashtra 0.25 27
Rajasthan 0.50 Nil
Total 28.0 MAF 100

Machinery to implement decisions of NWDT

Following machineries for implementation of decisions of NWDT have been set up under Clause-XIV of NWDT Award.

(i)  Narmada Control Authority (NCA)
(ii)  Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee (SSCAC)
(iii)  Review Committee for Narmada Control Authority (RCNCA)

Mandatory Disclosure

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