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The Sardar Sarovar Project is an inter-state multidisciplinary project with a terminal dam on river Narmada at Kevadia in Gujarat. Through this dam Gujarat & Rajasthan have proposed to utilize their share of allocated water. An annual irrigation of 17.92 lakh ha in Gujarat, 2.46 lakh ha in Rajasthan and hydel power generation of 1450 MW are proposed through SSP.

Highlights of Sardar Sarovar Project :

  • Narmada Basin has utilized water resources per capita per year of 3020 cum as against 180 cum of Sabarmati Basin.
    SSP is the terminal dam on Narmada river system.

  • Located in Gujarat and implemented by GoG, it is an interstate project of four states – MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat & Rajasthan.
    It would be the largest water resources project of India in terms of benefits.

  • Dam’s spillway discharging capacity (30.7 lakh cusecs) would be 3rd highest in the world (indicates flood discharge of the river).

  • With 1133 cumecs (40,000 cusecs) capacity at the head regulator and 532 km length, the Narmada Main Canal would be the largest irrigation canal in the world.

  • The project envisages irrigation to 17.92 lakh ha land of Gujarat covering 3360 villages of 62 talukas in 14 districts.

  • Tribal area in Maharashtra and the drought-prone areas in Rajasthan will also get irrigation benefits.

  • The project will generate between 856 to 1007 million units per year of cheap and eco-friendly indigenous hydro power.

  • The project aims at supplying 3571 MLD of drinking water (2900 MLD for domestic consumption & 671 MLD for industrial consumption) to 8215 villages & 135 towns in Gujarat which are presently suffering from acute shortage of water. Also the project aims to provide drinking water facilities to a population of about 13.71 lakh in 1107 villages & two town in Jallore & Barmer districts of Rajasthan.

  • The project will benefit areas like Bhal affected by high impact of saline soil water.

  • Benefits to three sanctuaries.

  • SSP has the lowest ratio of submergence to area irrigated – being 1.65% of CCA against an average of 4 to 5% of other major irrigation projects.