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Subgroups/Committees of NCA

       1) Environment Sub-Group Composition and Functions :       

1. Secretary to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests . Chairman
2 Executive Member, NCA . Member
3. Vice-Chairman, Narmada Valley Development Authority, GOMP. Member
4. Secretary (Env.) GOM . Member
5. Secretary (R&R), Narmada Development Department, GOG. Member
6. Secretary, Env. Department, GOR Member
7. Commissioner (PP), MOWR . Member
8. Deputy Director General, ICAR . Member
9. Deputy Inspector General, MOE&F . Member
10. Director, Wild life Institute, Dehradun Member
11. Dr. S. Ramaseshan, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Member
12. Director General, Anthropological Survey of India. Member
13. Dr. Shekhar Singh, Member Faculty , IIPA. New Delhi. Member
14. Dr. R. K. Katti, Professor (Retd.) I.I.T., Mumbai. Member
15. Director General, Archaeological Survey of India. Member
16. Director General, ICMR Member
17. Expert of Flora . Member
18. Member (E&R), NCA Member- Secretary

.      Functions:

1. To work out the environmental safeguard measures to be planned and implemented for the entire Narmada Basin so that environmental safeguard measures are executed and remain fully in consonance with the clearance accorded to the Narmada Sagar and Sardar Sarovar Projects.

2. To determine the terms of reference of required surveys and studies necessary for implementation of environmental safeguard measures inclusive of data base required, the methods by which the data base is to be prepared and also to identify the institutions/individuals to undertake the preparation of such documents.

3. To  prepare - for clearance by the Ministries and NCA - the action plans with regard to all environmental safeguard measures and the assessment criteria thereof.

4. To devise a suitable monitoring and evaluation mechanism so that the action plans are effectively implemented in consonance with stipulations at the time of clearance of the projects.

5. To assess the necessary organization with management capability being set up for adequate implementation of environmental safeguard measures.

6. To undertake all measures necessary to assist Narmada Control Authority in the planning and implementation of environmental safeguard measures.

        2) Resettlement and Rehabilitation Subgroup:        

1. Secretary to the Govt.of India, MOSJ & E . Chairman
2. Executive Member, Narmada Control Authority . Member
3. Member (Rehabilitation), Narmada Valley Development Authority, GOMP. Member
4. Secretary (Rehabilitation), Narmada Development Deptt., GOG . Member
5. Secretary (Relief & Rehabilitation), GOM . Member
6. Secretary (Revenue), GOR . Member
7. Commissioner (PP), Ministry of Water Resources. Member
8. Secretary (Tribal Development), GOM. Member
9. Director, Tribal Research Training Institute, Gujarat Vidhyapith Member
10. Dr.V.J. Patel, Director, Jivarajbhai Agro-Forestry Centre, Gujarat. Member
11. Dr.Vimal P.Shah, Head of Sociology Department, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Member
12. Shri K.R. Datye Consulting Engineer, Mumbai. Member
13. Smt.Kanta Tyagi, Director, Kasturba Mahila Ashram, Niwali, Distt. Khargone (MP). Member
14. Member (E&R), Narmada Control Authority . Member - Secretary


1. To monitor the progress of land acquisition in respect of submergence land of the Sardar Sarovar Project.

2. To monitor progress of implementation of the plan of rehabilitation of affected villages at the selected sites in Gujarat in phases.

3. To review the initial or first phase plan from time to time in the light of results of the implementation.

4. To finalise details of the subsequent phases of rehabilitation and resettlement of the villages.

5. To review the reports of  agencies entrusted by each  state in respect of monitoring & evaluation of the progress in the matter of rehabilitation and resettlement.

6. To monitor the progress of land acquisition and rehabilitation of the subsequent phases.

7. To monitor and review implementation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement of subsequent phases.

8. To undertake any or all activities to achieve co-ordination amongst States/Agencies in the matter of Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Sardar Sarovar Project oustees.